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Woo hoo!!!

Unbelievable news... we have a place!!! Ahhhhh!!! Heather checked out the apartments today, and she loved the townhouse that's only a couple blocks from campus. She said the owner was really cool and friendly, and that his office is across the way just in case we have any issues. Also, he said that he does his checks on the applicants by simply meeting the people, and he said he had a great feeling about us, and he liked that Heather had perfect renting history in her last place. He said to just let him know either today or tomorrow, so after I got off the phone with Heather I left a message with him that said we'll take it! So it's all set! I'm so excited. Heather's faxing me the application tomorrow. And next week Heather's giving him the applications and the money, and we're in! Our move in date is January 15th. It would be a week later, but he said he'd give us $250 off the first month's rent if we moved in by the 15th. So, that settled that! I can't believe it's finally happened. It's amazing how long I have wanted to move back, and now it's finally coming together. The lease is month to month, so we can stay as long, or as little, as we want with no hassle. Heather's digital camera batteries died on her, so she couldn't take pictures for me, but the guy said he could email Heather some pictures over the weekend. I'll definitely be posting those if he sends them, so yay to that. Anyways, that's my news! It's gonna be great to get back to Eugene again. I've so missed that crazy little town.
Heather called up the apartments. Two of them have been rented out already, which is just crazy! That happened within a matter of two days. I didn't realize Eugene, OR was such a hot commodity in the middle of winter. Oh well. The good news is that the third apartment is still available. She talked with the guy, and it turns out he also has another place that's actually a newly renovated townhouse, only $625 a month! So it'd be a little over $300 a month for both of us for a really nice place right by campus. Not bad at all. Prime party area, and just a short walk away from the bars and fraternities. Yee haw. Some of you may think I'm crazy for loving frat parties, but I have a blast at them, so I could care less what you think, haha. Believe me, all my college friends have always given me shit about loving the frat guys. I'm not as discriminatory as I was when I was in college. I mean, just a short year and a half ago, I would be completely and totally turned off if a guy wasn't in one of the better fraternities. Yes, it's sick and sad. But I'm recovering. Slowly. Anyways, I'm so excited about the apartments. Heather has an appointment with the owner of both places tomorrow at 11:30am. She's taking her digital camera and taking lots of pictures for me to see what the places are like. She's gonna fax me the applications, so I can fax them right back to her. Much quicker that way. Woo hoo! I hope it works out. I'm so ready to move. And both places would be perfect. I feel like I've been waiting a lifetime to get back up there, and it's seeming like it's finally going to happen.

Another thing I've been thinking about a lot lately, is all the people I lost touch with over the last couple of years. It's like, you have all these friends in one place. It's so convenient to see them and talk with them. And then boom, you're all in different places. And for some reason, it becomes a huge and exhausting chore just to pick up the damn phone and call them. Is it the fact that you can't just have a short call to say you'll meet them somewhere? Is it the idea that no matter what, the conversation is going to be long and emotionally taxing, just because they're not in the same area as you anymore? It's just bizarre. Cause these people that were in my life, they were my world. And now I only regularly communicate with a few people. Heather, John, Mehaffs, sometimes Chiara and rarely Michelle. That's it. It's unbelievable. And Heather's the only one out of the five that I talk to often.

What's become of my social life? Has moving down here really had that much of an effect on the people I want to talk to? Why is it that when I live with my parents, I have absolutely no desire to have any sort of a social life whatsoever? It's like being here zaps that out of me. And I miss being social, I really do. I miss having a plethora of friends and romantic entanglements, but when I'm here, I have no desire to seek it out. I don't understand who I am when I'm here. It's like, having a life outside of my family is too exhausting to even think about. I had quite a life going on when I worked at Starbucks, but even that was a total far-cry from what I had when I was living in Oregon and going to college. I don't know what's happened to me. I'm getting to the point where I don't even know who I am anymore. And that's just not a fun place to be. So this move will signify a lot to me. One of the main things being that I'll get my life back, and in essence, I'll get myself back. I am really looking forward to that.

Update on the life of me...

I finally have news about my life! Yay me! Last night I looked at the classifieds in my university's newspaper, and found four very promising apartments that are available. So today, I called them all up, and talked to all four of the owners! Sure enough, they're all still available. All of them are right by campus, and they're all around $600 a month. And that's for both of us! Unbelievable prices up there. It would be nothing short of a miracle to find a decent place in southern CA for $600 for each of us. Anyways, I'm stoked. So I called up Heather and let her know the details on all of them. Three of them sound very good because of the prices per month and low amount we have to come up with upfront. 2 of them sound like exactly what we're looking for. So, the plan is that I'm giving Heather the phone numbers and the addresses of the places tonight, and tomorrow she's gonna call up the people and set up appointments to see them in person. I'm so excited.

Our only concern is Heather's credit isn't exactly great. In fact, it sucks, but she has an impeccable rent record. She's never made a late payment once. So I'm not sure what the OR law is for doing credit checks. The last place Heather lived, they didn't do a credit check, so we're hoping the same for these places. We'll see. But I figure, at least one of them will be cool about it. The people I talked to were so excited that I was interested, so it sounds like they had students that left mid-year, so they really want to sell these places. We have a good shot, I think. So, woo hoo to that! It's really starting to happen now. I can't wait!!!

Home is where the heart is....

Life is good. I'm enjoying every minute of the beautiful freedom. I talked with Heather last night. She sent me a jacket in the mail for Christmas, and it is so cute! It's kind of like a rain jacket, but it's also really soft inside. It's so Oregon, I love it! So I called her to thank her, and we talked about our move yet again. It's hard to get a hold of tenants during the holiday season. But frankly, I don't care. Next week, the plan is to call up every place that has an opening over and over next week until someone talks to us about it. We're determined. Most people get a place in Eugene like, a couple weeks before they move in. I think it's cause students are so often bailing on them last minute or something. But everyone I know who's lived in Eugene doesn't get a place until the last second they can. Everything moves a lot slower in Oregon. I'm always forgetting that. It's like people up there just don't get as worked up and stressed as people do in bigger cities. I love that so much. I've always had this extremely laid back personality, and that's always made me feel so out of place down here. Everyone is always in such a hurry. They get so worked up over little things. When I went to Oregon, it was the first time I met people that didn't give a shit about little things. It was great! I finally met people that I understood. I feel like I was born in the wrong place sometimes. But it's all good. I'm about to do everything in my power to make it right. I'll miss my family, cause they're so awesome, but this bird's ready to leave the nest. Again.
I'm finally free of the job! Woo hoo! Yesterday was my last day, and I couldn't be happier. It feels so good to put the long hours behind me. I'm amazed that I got through 5 weeks of it really. I haven't gotten a call from the temp lady yet to try and get me to do another job, but I'm not exactly holding my breath. Having time off is a beautiful thing. It finally is starting to feel like Christmas! All the presents I bought for everyone on Ebay are finally here, so I need to get on with the process of wrapping them. I still have to pick up a couple extras for the presents, like batteries and such, but that should be fun. And oh my gosh, I had no idea how amazing the weather has been lately during the day! I've been working through the daytime, so I had no clue. But it's been so hot! I'm talking the 70's in December! I mean, for southern CA, that can definitely happen, but it's been freezing here the past month, so it feels very unexpected. I sat in the sun for a while today, soaking it in. I feel my feelings coming back, which is nice. It's almost like I've been numb these past 5 weeks. Maybe I've been numb for even longer than that. But I'm waking up. And it feels incredible.

Can I get an 'Amen!!'?

I got some amazing news today!! Turns out, my boss let me know that they might not need me much longer because of the way they switched around this program we work on. She said they'd be more than happy to take me on permanently, but the temp job might not last beyond tomorrow. So my boss asked, "are you sure you still want to move? Cause we'd love to hire you!" I wanted to say "hell no!" But I refrained. Cause they really are great people, it's just not the place for me. So I think tomorrow may be my last day!! Yippidy do!! The truth is, I already have plenty of money. I might tell my temp agency lady that I want a part time job temporarily, or possibly a full time one that's only a week long or something, but I'm not getting stuck in another situation like this again. I'm definitely glad I did it though. I made mad cash, and gained valuable customer service experience. Hopefully the boss lady will be a good reference for a future job.

Anyways, I'm feeling so good about it. I feel like I have a new lease on life. It's so cool to me that just last night, I was praying for an answer.. for something to save me from the way I was feeling.. And then today this news comes. It's a sign that it's time to move on from this particular job. I'm one step closer to moving out! Which is great. And now I have more time to spend with my family during the holidays. Which is also something I was upset about. This may be the last time I get to have quality time with them. And to work it all away, well that's no good at all. So this is an incredible blessing. Life can work out well sometimes. Surprises me every time.

could it be?

Tomorrow is Friday. *tear of joy*

On and on I go...

All Christmas presents officially bought! Woo hoo! I won that final present for my brother, and I'm so excited for him to get it. I'm excited for everyone to get their presents from me this year! This is actually the first year I've been able to afford buying Christmas presents for people. Usually I'm little miss Scrooge, and just take and take and take. It's sad. This year I'm really looking forward to finally giving back a bit. So yay. Other than that, the news is slow. Just continuing to plug away at the old office. What with staring at a computer screen the whole day, and getting hit on non-stop by this 30ish married co-worker guy, things are just peachy. 16 days left. That's it. Yippidy do. So happy. I'm gonna make it.


I don't want to work tomorrow!! That is all.
So I'm addicted to Ebay. Seriously, like, I can spend forever just looking around for things to buy. It's so enjoyable. Want something? Type it in, and voila, there it is for a discounted price. Way too fun. Especially now, cause I found out from my boss at the job that I'm there until the end of December. Which is a few weeks longer than I thought I'd be there. Granted, I'll have money to burn, but I'll be exhausted the whole time. I keep telling myself the money will be worth it though. When I move in January or February, I'll have plenty saved up. There'll be no rush to get a job when I first get there. Which will be nice cause then I'll get to concentrate on getting all moved in, and buying things for the apartment. Speaking of apartments, me and Heather are now officially searching. We found three different apartment complexes already that sound awesome. All of which we'd be spending less than $400 a month, including utilities and cable internet! That is amazing for a two bedroom place. My favorite so far is Park Grove, and it's right by Autzen Stadium. That's our football field, and it's quite a beautiful sight. A lot of students live in that area, so it's a young neighborhood. However, it's not so close to campus that it'd feel strange that we weren't students. I'm very excited. For Christmas, some things I want are a crepe maker, a grilled-cheese sandwich maker and a blender. Cooking and drinking convenience at its finest. Me and Heather are planning on decorating a la Walmart. But shh, that's a secret, haha.

People at work keep giving me shit for wanting to move to Oregon. People who are stuck in their locations and situations just don't get it. They think you have to stay in one place and accept it. Sorry, but that life is not for me. I believe strongly in taking risks to make your life better. Even if it means leaving everything behind. It's important to look around and take stock of your life when you feel unfulfilled. If things don't feel right, then they most likely aren't. Things have never felt completely right here. So I'm doing something about it. I don't envy the people I work with. I find you should never follow the advice of people whose lives you could never or would never want. You don't want to end up like them, so don't ever listen to how they think you should be living your life. Now that's good advice, haha.

Anyways, that's all I'm up to today. Relaxing in front of the computer. Dreaming of the day when I'll be back up north. It's almost here now, which is fantastic. I just have to get through this time of working away the weeks, and more family drama than you can shake a stick at, and then it'll be here. I can do it. It's all a matter of staying focused and not getting discouraged. And having faith that it will all be worth it.